I'm in love with approachable design, computer science, and all things imaginative.

As much as I love new ideas, I find real fulfillment in getting shit done with a rigorous, holistic approach. I think the level of connection the web gives us is incredible, and I'm excited for how we can use that connectedness.

If you've got a project you'd like to chat about, get in touch with me at

  1. Born in Sweden to Canadian parents.
  2. Raised in Uppsala, Montréal, & Crete.
  3. Grew up in London, Ontario.
  4. Rode a bike everywhere.
  5. Skipped school to study.
  6. Spent two years studying art, especially printmaking, at H.B. Beal Secondary School.
  7. Taught kids about Sketchup and papercrafting for the London Public Library.
  8. Built a drawing machine, and started writing generative art.
  9. Attended the University of Waterloo for Computer Science.
  10. Designed a dayplanner for students.
  11. Built a website and designed lots of things for Whitney Heard Photography.
  12. Worked as a designer and front-developer in Sydney, Australia.
  13. Stayed up all night to make sure an Apple Watch ad placement launched smoothly.
  14. Designed product pages for Samsung Australia's phones and tablets.
  15. Had many good times with great people at an agency back in London
  16. Currently designing stuff for HashiCorp