Samsung Galaxy Product Pages
Designed and developed product pages for Samsung Australia, for the Galaxy line of phones, tablets, and accessories.
Samsung TV Selector
Designed and developed an interface for browsing Samsung Australia's line of televisions.
Apple Watch Ad Integration
Integrated an ad for the Apple Watch's initial launch into an Australian lifestyle blog.
Branding for Whitney Heard Photography
Designed branding and stationery, and developed a website for Canadian wedding photographer Whitney Heard.
Student Dayplanner Design
Designed a dayplanner for University of Waterloo students, produced by the Federation of Students.
Graphic Design for the Federation of Students
Designed print and web materials promoting campus events and student services at the University of Waterloo.
Papercrafting at the London Public Library
Designed and ran a summer activity program teaching kids how to make things with paper, glue, scissors, and software.
Exhibition at EVAC
Exhibited lithographs, paper sculptures, and generative art at the East Village Arts Collective.
Polar Pen Plotter
Built a pen plotter with an Arduino microcontroller, and designed programs to generate line art for the plotter.
Lithographic Prints
Leveled and smoothed pieces of limestone with a metal disk, and used water, ink, and a press to pull prints from the limestone's surface.