East Village Arts Collective
Exhibited lithographs, paper sculptures, and generative art at the East Village Arts Collective.

Midway through my second year at BealArt, a friend of mine told me about the East Village Arts Collective  →. They occaisionally host art shows in their space, so I jumped at the opportunity to exhibit some of my work. I joined forces with my sister, Beatrice, and we had a great time collaborating to make the show happen.

Posters designed in collaboration with Beatrice Shilton

The space needed a bit of tender loving care before it would be ready for an exhibition. We prepped and painted the walls for hanging artwork, filling in a few cracks and holes, and threw on a fresh coat of white paint. We hung the show, put our posters up around the city, and got excited for our opening!

Lithographs on display at the show

I already had a few lithograph prints ready to hang, but I wanted to supplement them with other work. I dug up some programs I'd written to generate line artwork for my pen plotter. I tweaked the algorithm to make prints with a cloud-like appearance, so that forms and shapes could be freely interpreted from them, and used the work I'd done to create a series of one hundred small prints.

I wanted the prints to work together in a composition as well as individually, so I arranged them in a tight grid, and hung them with identical black binder clips for a more homogonous appearance.

Computer generated clouds of line art

I also designed and assembled a pair of papercraft figures. They were a lot of fun to make, and surprisingly sturdy for card stock and glue.

Papercrafted low-poly sculptures

I produced a zine for the show, and anyone who showed up got to take a photocopy home as a little memento.

Production files for one of the zines printed for the show

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to exhibit my work in such a great space. I've been back to EVAC several times since, for everything from live music, to community meals hosted by Food Not Bombs. It's a great space, and I'd highly recommend checking it out if you live in London!

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