Federation of Students
Graphic Designer
Designed print and web materials promoting campus events and student services at the University of Waterloo.

More than anything else, the Federation of Students gave me the opportunity to do a ton of design work for events across the University of Waterloo campus. Most of the work was for print – brochures, posters, flyers, tickets, and name badges.

Within my first weeks of work, one of my co-workers noticed my constant absorbtion in working, even when supposedly more exciting things were happening, and dubbed me “French Fry”, after a little kid in an old McCain's Superfries commercial.

In case it isn't already obvious, I really enjoyed designing for the Federation of Students, and I'll always remember the incredibly supportive, friendly, and productive environment that I got to work in. Below are a few of the items I designed while I worked with Feds.

Business card sized handout for Random Act of Kindness day
Recruitment posters for Feds' emergency response team
Posters for two events to welcome students back for the winter term
Print and web layouts to promote the Feds Teaching Awards
Logo design for a recurring end of term activity session
Brand guidelines developed for various services and events on campus
Posters to promote a student feedback initiative to improve Waterloo's local transit
Print and web materials asking for feedback on the Student Life Centre, a central fixture to student life on campus
Print and web materials promoting a board game event with Feds' sexual and gender diversity support service
General recruitment poster for student service volunteers
Posters promoting student leadership nominations, and an art show fundraiser
Print and web materials promoting Waterloo's athletics rally day
Tri-fold design to promote the Women's Centre at student service events
Print and web materials encouraging students to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment
Guide developed to help part-time designers access the marketing department's PCoIP workstations
Print materials encouraging students to vote in the Federation of Students' general elections
Letter sized schedule and campus map for an orientation week event night
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