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Integrated an ad for the Apple Watch's initial launch into an Australian lifestyle blog.

One of the most exciting projects I got to work on as a developer at the Gadget Group was a launch ad placement for the Apple Watch. While the project was mostly technical in nature, it was really neat to be working with a product well before it was announced.

Visual brief received for the ad placement and Wordpress theme modifications

We were given a very concise visual brief, with a beach ball placeholder graphic in place of the final ad artwork. I planned and executed code changes to modify the blog's Wordpress theme to accomodate the HTML structure needed for the ad, without compromising the look and feel rest of the site. I also developed device targeting scripts for the ad placement, and integrated those into the Wordpress header.

CSS & PHP modifications to Wordpress files for ad integration, with device targeting and campaign scheduling

When the ad was ready to go live, I acted as a developer on standby, assisting with technical modifications and confirming the scheduled activity of the ad. Since the primary agency involved was in the UK, this made for some gruelling work hours, but it was worth it to see the ad go up successfully.

Video capture of the ad placement
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