Lead Designer & Developer
Designed and developed an interface for browsing Samsung Australia's line of televisions.

Soon after I started working with the Gadget Group, a multimedia company in Sydney, Australia, they started work on Samsung Australia's audio visual microsite. One key component of the microsite was an online tool for browsing Samsung's line of televisions, but it needed to be a visual refresh and a technical overhaul for better mobile compatibility.

Strategy developed for the audio visual microsite

I was tasked with developing a new version of the tool, so I started by outlining how it would fit in with the rest of the site, and drafted a proposal with basic mockups to detail the redeveloped functionality.

Technical design and build plan for the TV selection tool

Part of the challenge of the project was designing a system that could accomodate new television products easily, allow straightforward editing of existing products, and yet still facilitate complex user interactivity such as sorting and filtering. With this in mind, I designed a site assembly mechanism that brought together a database of product data with structural HTML. With the data separated from the document's structure, the process of adding and modifying televisions to the browsing tool was greatly simplified.

Project proposal and early mockups

Our build system gave us streamlined control when developing on our local servers, but our output contained static HTML for each product, and handled sorting and filtering of products with client-side Javascript rather than constant queries to a server-side database. This made sorting and filtering a lot snappier, and removed any possibility of the product database being altered maliciously.

I coded stylesheets with SASS  →, a CSS pre-processor, which is always a great tool for keeping styles structured and organized.

Video screen captures of the live sites across devices

I also managed assets for the project, which consisted of preparing webfonts and optimizing product images. I designed an icon font to supplement Samsung's usual set of icons, and add some visual spice to the project.

Glyphs created for the icon font used across the sites

The microsite launch went well, but it soon came time to hand off the project to another developer. To facilitate the use of version control for every aspect of the project, I converted the product database used in development from SQL to JSON data in text files, which made sharing the project and tracking product changes a lot easier.

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